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Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Dr Li delivers babies at the Sunnybank Private Hospital. The close proximity from her clinic, the hospital and home means that she is able to give full attention to all of her patients and is readily available to attend to the needs of her exclusive clientele.

Sharon has a small practice, with a focus on healthy patients delivering healthy babies by listening to the needs and feelings of each individual patient.  She has a dedicated, gentle, caring & patient manner and is very family focussed. All of Dr Li’s patients can be assured that they are under the very best care and will have direct help at every stage of their pregnancy. You will work closely together from the initial consultation to post natal follow up.  Sharon is also a very skilled surgeon and has an excellent, caring team in her rooms and at the Sunnybank Private Hospital.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for you. There are amazing body changes that take place to support your pregnancy and to prepare you for childbirth. With these changes come many symptoms and some challenges. While you are pregnant, you are predisposed to some illnesses, some of which are particular to pregnancy.

Dr Sharon Li will provide you with the best quality of pregnancy care possible. She aims to do this in a friendly and caring environment with attention to your individual needs and concerns.


Before Your First Antenatal Visit with Us

We encourage you contact us as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed so we can work out with you a suitable appointment time and office for this visit. This visit can be at our rooms in Sunnybank.


Your First Antenatal Visit

The first antenatal visit is an exciting time when you start to get to know us and we start to get to know you.

It is good if your husband/partner can also attend at this visit.

You will need to bring with you the referral letter from your general practitioner and any relevant past medical (including pregnancy) history information. Also please bring any pathology and scan results that may be relevant. We will also need to know your Medicare and health fund details (if you are in a fund).

Our kind receptionists will explain your pregnancy care procedure, our fee program in detail.  We want to provide you with personalized care and satisfy of your concerns.

We will give you referrals for pathology tests and ultrasound scans as appropriate and an introduction to the Sunnybank Private Hospital.


Subsequent Antenatal Visits

Antenatal visits are requested regularly throughout your pregnancy. You will usually need to attend monthly until 28 weeks, and then fortnightly until 36 weeks, and weekly until your baby is born. If there are any issues you may be asked to attend more frequently.

These visits are usually straightforward visits. They are necessary to check your progress in pregnancy, your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your baby, to identify problems, to address any queries or concerns you may have and to start planning your delivery.

The following checks may be made at each subsequent antenatal visit:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Abdomen palpation (to check the size and position of baby)
  • Fetal heart rate
  • Blood test or Urine test
  • Your weight

Post Natal visit

You are recommended to attend a postnatal visit six weeks after your delivery